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We’ve got the lowdown on where and how to catch walleye in Stardew Valley. now grab that fishing pole and keep your eyes peeled for the details.

Walleye Stardew Valley Time and Season:

Walleye can only be caught on rainy spring days sans Rain Totem. With the Rain Totem, you can squeeze one more season out of this fish–Winter. To catch it in other seasons, you’ll need to know how to craft Magic Bait.

Walleye are night owls that don’t spawn until noon. Once they appear, however, you can catch them until 2 am. That is if your character hasn’t passed out from exhaustion already.

Walleye Benefits:

Walleye can earn you a decent income for you to buy your fall or winter crops (105g-210g or more if you have the Fisher or Angler Traits)

Walleye also provide modest Health (13-35) and Energy (30-78).

Walleye don’t make great villager gifts, but they are essential to completing the Night Fishing Bundle.

These fish can also be whipped up into recipes for greater Health and Energy gains. These include Maki Roll (45 Health, 100 Energy) or Sashimi (33 Health, 75 Sashimi). As an added bonus, Maki Roll sells for 220g and only requires a few items: fish, seaweed, and rice.

Where To Catch Walleye Stardew Valley Tips:

While Walleye won’t give you much trouble on the fishing bar, they are difficult to find.

Walleye appear in the river of Cindersap Forest or Pelican Town. They can also be caught at the Mountain Lake or the pond in the forest. If you’re feeling lazy, you can rummage through the trash during Fall or Winter for one or buy one from the Traveling Cart for 315-1,000g. If you choose the Forest Farm at the beginning of the game, you can catch Walleye in the pond at your farm.

However, the chance of catching the Walleye varies drastically per location. Your best bet is to cast your line in the Cindersap Forest pond for a 32% chance of biting.

To improve your chances, buy a Fiberglass or Iridium Rod at ol’ man Willy’s shack to equip tackle or bait. Effects vary from being able to catch any type of fish anywhere to increasing your bite time.

Locating Walleye is tricky, but, once you do, reeling one in will be the simplest part. Just remember to keep an eye on your bar and your cool. Soon, you’ll have a Walleye for any of your Stardew Valley pursuits.