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Catching a Walleye In Stardew Valley

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Fishing in Stardew Valley can be an incredibly tedious task, especially early on in the game when you have nothing but a bamboo rod. Not only that, but the money you get for most fish in the game barely make it worth the effort. The Walleye though is a different story with the fish being worth 105G at its lowest point, which is a ton more than most catches. At times, one can equal up to 3 other fish. The only problem is they can be a little difficult to find in the game and can leave players feeling frustrated while trying to catch the exclusive catch.

Where Are The Walleye?

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Fishing in the wrong season

Walleye can only be found in very certain locations in the game and at very certain times. The fish will have most players stumped as it’s such a picky catch. In truth though, if you know when to catch a Walleye, they aren’t really that rare at all and only have a difficulty catch rate of 45. You don’t even have to use bait to lure the fish in, it will even come to the starter bamboo fishing rod! Although, the bait and a better fishing rod can certainly help you get one that will fetch you a higher price.

The Walleye can only be found in the Fall season for starters. It is a freshwater fish and can be caught in just about any place but the beach. The Walleye has to be caught between 12pm and 2am and won’t appear outside of those hours. To top it all off, the Walleye only like to appear on days where it is raining. If you can catch a rainy afternoon in the fall though, it’s pretty easy to catch the motherload of these fish if you spend a lot of time fishing between these hours. It is also worth noting that a Gold Star Walleye can be worth 236G a piece if you have the Angler Perk activated in your game.

Walleye Uses

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Catching a Walleye

Walleye can be used to make a few cooking recipes like Sashimi. Interestingly enough, the fish doesn’t have any specific recipes to itself. It is also one of the few items in the game that no villagers love. On the flip side though, most of the villagers dislike it and three of them hate it, making this fish one of the worst presents to give in the game. Occasionally, there will be a quest posted for one that can net you some money, but it can be hard to fulfill if the conditions aren’t right for the fish to appear.

The Walleye is needed to finish the Nightfish Bundle at the Community Center. The Walleye can also be caught in your farm pond, if you picked the forest area to start with. In rare cases, the Walleye can also be found in the Winter if you search through the trash cans. You also shouldn’t count on the Walleye to give you a lot of energy or health. The most a health a Walleye can give is 54 points.