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How to get Walleye in Stardew Valley

Fishing in Stardew Valley is one of the hardest things to do in the game! Honestly, fishing was one of the last things I did to complete the community center, because weirdly enough the fishing bundles felt more difficult than any of the others! I can’t even begin to tell you how hard it is to catch some of these fish, but you guys are probably feeling that already. So here are the basics to getting Walleye, and a strategy I used to get most of the fish for these bundles.

Out of all the fishing bundles one of the toughest is the Night Fishing Bundle because of all the specific conditions it can take to get these fish, but IMO out of all the fish in that bundle Walleye is one of the easiest fish to get.

First, make sure you’ve got some bait and the best fishing rod you can get.

Walleye is definitely not a fish you want to be trying to catch with a Bamboo Pole and I would be hesitant to even try with a Fiberglass Rod. You guys already know that with everything in this game you’ve gotta go Iridium or go home.

Second, you have to know where you can catch and find this fish. You will be more successful catching Walleye than finding it but I’ll tell you all your options to get it.

When you’re fishing you can find Walleye in the Mountain Lake, the Cindersap Forest river and pond, and the Pelican Town river. If you happened to pick the “Forest Farm” layout as your farm, you can also catch Walleye in your farm’s pond.

Just like with a lot of other foods in the game, you can find Walleye in the trash cans in the main part of town. If you decide to do this, just remember you CAN NOT get caught, so don’t do it with anyone nearby. If you dig through the trash when someone is close by you will lose those hard-earned heart points you had with them with the only exception to this rule being Linus.

The last place you’ll be able to get Walleye is if you go to the Traveling Cart and it’s one of the many random items.

Next, you’ve gotta know when you can catch and find Walleye.

Walleye can only be caught during the Fall when it’s raining or in the Winter with a Rain Totem. The times you can catch Walleye are between 12:00 PM – 2:00 AM, and personally, I had the best luck catching it later at night but I know it can be random.

If you decide to look for Walleye in the trash cans, you’ll have to look in the Fall and Winter.

My strategy with any of the fishing bundles in this game was to frequently check to see if the Traveling Cart was selling any of the ones I needed. Some of these fish can only be caught in some weird conditions, and some of them are just an absolute pain, even with an Iridium rod! If you’re dead set on catching Walleye, the Cindersap Forest pond is going to be your best bet (with the weather and time conditions I mentioned earlier).

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