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Red Snapper Stardew Valley Fishing Guide

fishing stardew valley red snapper

Reeling in a Red Snapper in SDV

So you’ve just got your first fishing rod from Willy and you can’t wait to get started catching fish. You may have even tried to catch one and noticed that the fishing mini game can be a little bit difficult to get the hang of at times. The Red Snapper is a great fish to start with and is an easy catch helping you get use to the fishing controls in the game while still making a little money on the side. Not only that but the snapper is an easy-to-identify fish that almost everyone has heard of it!

How To Catch A Snapper

fishing locations red snapper
Reeling in more Red Snappers

While the Red Snapper may seem a little aggressive due to its name, it’s an easy starter fish to catch. The game lists it as a popular fish in Stardew Valley, alluding to the fact that during the right time, these fish are everywhere. The Red Snapper is a saltwater fish, so it can be caught in any of the ocean map locations. It can be caught during Summer and Fall. The Red Snapper will be available between 6am and 7pm, making it a daytime fish. It is also possible to catch the snapper in the Winter if you force it to rain using a totem.

The Snapper has a difficulty rating of 40, making it one of the easiest to catch fish in the game. This, coupled with the fact that the fish is available for a good portion of the day and easy to find as long as it’s raining, makes it perfect for beginners like mentioned above. While using bait or a better rod can help make a snapper bite faster, the bamboo rod is all you need in order to begin catching them.

What You Can Use Red Snappers For

catch red snapper stardew valley

The easy catching of the Red Snapper does mean it’s not worth all that much. At its lowest price, the snapper will only get you 50G per catch. While this can be stacked by catching multiple fish, it will take a good portion of both your day and energy to make any meaningful gain out of the snapper. At its highest point with the Angler skill activated and a gold star catch, the Red Snapper will still only net you a low 112G.  The Snapper is also pretty horrible to eat with it only granting you 45 energy and 20 health at its highest point as well. At its low, you get 11 health and 25 energy.

Most villagers dislike the snapper and not even Willy has it as one of his likes. It is needed for the fish bundle at the Community Center, although outside of that it isn’t of much use. Occasionally, there will be a help wanted request for the snapper that can earn you 150G and 150 friendship points. The best use the snapper really has is helping you level your fishing up quickly so you can get more money out of bigger catchers. Other than that, the best use is to use the snapper to make Sashimi for extra profit or energy.

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