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This article is for the expert fishermen out there looking to complete their fish compendium in Stardew Valley. We are taking on a fish that rivals some of the legendary catches in-game. This time we are going after the popular Pufferfish, which has quite a few interesting quirks you’ll need to watch out for when trying to catch it. So, if you’re frustrated trying to find the pufferfish or you’re just started looking we are here to help, we even verify everything in-game before writing our guides!

Where And How To Catch Pufferfish In Stardew Valley

Pufferfish location
How to get Pufferfish in SDV

The pufferfish is a popular fish that is going to be a little more tricky to catch than most other fish. At a difficulty rating of 80, you’re going to have a time keeping the meter on the pufferfish during the mini-game. You will also need to use bait in order to catch the pufferfish in a reasonable timespan. This means you will need to have leveled up your fishing in order to at least get the Fiberglass rod before attempting to reel this one in. The Pufferfish is, of course, a saltwater fish meaning you will need to go to the ocean in order to find it.

Next, the Pufferfish can only be caught in one season, Summer. The weather has to be sunny in order to get the Pufferfish to come out. On top of that, the Pufferfish will only be available to catch in the afternoon between 12pm and 4pm. The Pufferfish can also be bought from the traveling cart from time to time if you can’t find it in the wild, be warned though it can cost you up to 1,000G per fish.

Value And Where To Buy

Where to buy a Pufferfish
Buying a Pufferfish

The Pufferfish is an annoying fish to reel in, but it’s worth quite a bit of money. At basic catch, the Pufferfish is worth 200G and can net you up to 450G if you have the angler perk and catch a gold star pufferfish. While it may be great to sell this catch, never eat them. A Pufferfish will never give you any health and will cost you 100 energy if consumed if is a basic catch.

You can easily pass out by eating a pufferfish and you should be extra careful if you’re consuming food while one is in your inventory. The pufferfish can still be used in cooking to make Sashimi or Maki if you are determined to devour one though.

The Pufferfish will rarely be requested on the town help board and will pay 600G and 150 friendship points. The Pufferfish is also involved in the Aquatic Research quest and will net you 750G and 1 heart from Demetrius. The Pufferfish is also needed to complete the specialty fish bundle at the Community Center. Unlike other fish, it is a love of Abigail’s and can quickly help you max out her friendship hearts. Most other villagers will lose hearts from the Pufferfish, so don’t expect it to be much of a gift for other villagers.