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Tiger trout are quite picky fish in Stardew Valley and may help extend the life of the game in the long run, but to a player that’s been trying to complete their compendium, they are rather annoying.

The Tiger Trout is another one of those fish that just likes to be a challenge for anyone playing the game. To help you find the trout, we booted up our copies of Stardew Valley and went fishing to provide the location and verify the time the elusive fish can be caught in-game.

Looking to become the tiger trout king? Keep your eye on the tiger to angle yourself one of these striped finned fellas.

Where To Find Tiger Trout:

You can catch tiger trout anywhere down on the river of Pelican Town or the Cindersap Forest. Just head down between 6am-7pm during the fall or winter seasons. If you want one out of season, Krobus sometimes carries it in his shop on Wednesdays. (But that doesn’t really count, right?)

Tiger trout can be tricky to snag because of their rapid darting pattern so you might need to pull a few tricks out of your sleeve to catch this tiger by the toe.

How To Catch Tiger Trout – Best Methods:

These tips and tricks can be applied to other fish as well.

  • Cast your line farther

The father you cast your line, the more space you have to fish with. This increases your chances of catching fish. To achieve this, stand as close to the edge of the river as possible and use your max effort to get the bobber into the middle of the water.

  • Look for bubbles

Bubbles are a sign of hungry fish ready to bite. You’ll be able to catch fish at a much higher rate. Take this as your cue to cast your line on the edge of the bubbles to reap the most benefit.

  • Upgrade your rod

As you upgrade your rod, you’ll be able to catch fish with ease. You’ll also unlock the opportunity to use bait and tackle which can improve your chances significantly. Want to know how to upgrade your fishing rod? Take a trip to ol’ man Willy’s Fish shop once he sends you the letter saying the new pole is available. For the Fiberglass Rod, you’ll need to earn Fishing Level 2 while the Iridium Rod requires 6 to unlock.

iridium fishing rod
  • Use tackle or bait

One you’ve acquired the Fiberglass rod, you can now use bait. Certain bait can add special benefits. For example, Wild Bait can help you catch two fish simultaneously while Magic Bait allows you to catch fish during any season or weather at any water location. Bait, however, can only be used once.

For a more permanent perk, upgrade to the Iridium Rod to equip tackle. Like bait, tackles have their own unique effects.  The Cork Bobber or Lead Bobber are especially helpful for slippery fish like the tiger trout as they increase the size of your fishing bar or prevent your bar from bouncing respectively.

And that’s all there is to capturing this trout. You have the knowledge, you have the skills, now go out there and get ‘em, Tiger!

How To Catch Tiger Trout In SDV

tiger trout stardew valley fishing
First Off, Buy Bait to Get Tiger Trout Quicker

This fish has a rather funny in-game description that states that it is a hybrid, rendering it unable to reproduce. True to its nature, it is a little bit harder to find than most fish in the game and appears only in specific conditions. Most players won’t be able to find this fish unless they are in just the right spot at the right time. The Tiger Trout only appears in the River and unlike most normal catches, it can’t be caught from any other spot in the game, even if you have the wilderness farm.

While it doesn’t have any weather requirements, it can only be found in either the Fall or the Winter seasons. It seems like the best spot to catch it is in town and near the bridge at the bottom of the map. You will need to manage your time because the Tiger Trout is only out between 6am and 7pm. It also comes with a difficulty rating of 60 making it a little more annoying to catch than some of the other fish in the river.

Tiger Trout Value And Common Uses

where to catch rare tiger trout stardew valley
At the vendor store with a Tiger Trout

The Tiger Trout is worth 150G at its base price. With the angler perk, it can be worth up to 337G at its gold star level, making it a pretty sweet money maker for leveled fishermen. Even without leveling up your fishing skill, a gold star Tiger Trout can net you 225G per catch. The Tiger Trout doesn’t really do much in way of health or energy, even at peak catch. With only 20 health and 45 energy at its peak, this is an item that’s more of a waste to consume than sell.

stardew valley fishing tiger trout
Caught a Tiger Trout

The Tiger Trout isn’t used for any quests outside of the possible help board notice. It can occasionally be requested and will net you 150G per fish. A perk to this quest is that you get to keep the fish after you show them to Willy. Most of the Pelican Town residents dislike the Tiger Trout, making it a negative gift to give. With the exception of Willy, there are only 4 villagers that will have anything more than a neutral reaction to the fish. All other villagers gifted the fish will cause your friendship points with them to decrease. The Tiger Trout is, however, needed to complete the fish bundle at the Community Center.