Largemouth Bass


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Largemouth Bass can be an insanely frustrating experience at times. Today, we are going to cover everything you need to know to get these elusive fish, where to fish for them, what bait to use, and more.

How to Get Largemouth Bass In Stardew Valley

How to catch largemouth bass
Catching a Largemouth Bass

The Largemouth Bass is cited as being a very popular fish according to the in-game description. It can be found in any season and during any weather pattern as long as you’re fishing in the proper places. It’s a freshwater catch, so don’t expect any to be floating around in the ocean though.

Bass can also be caught with any rod in the game and is one of the easiest fish to find for beginners. It also won’t put up too much of a fight to reel it out, so don’t worry if you’re using the bass to start out your fishing leveling within the game. It has a difficult catch rating of 50, landing it right in the middle range.

Bass are primarily found in the mountain lake. If you chose the wilderness farm when starting your game then you can also catch it in the pond towards the bottom of the map. The Largemouth Bass does have some time restraints. It will only appear between 6am and 7pm for the player to catch. Unlike some other items in the game, you can’t get the fish from garbage cans within the game, forcing you to have to fish it out.

Largemouth Bass Value And Uses

largemouth bass in the trash?
Don’t bother checking the garbage for Bass – you won’t find it there!

The Largemouth Bass isn’t the most valuable of items in the game. Among some of the other fish though, it’s a pretty decent catch at a base value of 100G. If you level your fishing up, the bass can go for 225G at the gold star level. The fish can also be consumed for 17 health if needed and can give you 36 energy. This goes up to 68 energy and 30 health at the gold star level. It also can be used to make the recipe Crispy Bass which can give you a magnetism bump for collecting items while mining.

You will need a Largemouth Bass for one of Jodi’s quests. She will request the bass in order to make a recipe and in order to view her next cutscene, you will need to deliver. The bass is also commonly requested on the town help board since it is available during every season to catch. It can be turned in for 300G and a reward 150 friendship points to the villager you run the help wanted errand for. The bass can also be used to make fertilizer, maki rolls, and sashimi.