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How To Get The Skull Key In Stardew Valley

One of the most hard to get items in the game is the Stardew Valley Skull Key. What can be even more frustrating is figuring out what to do with it and then making it happen. Getting and using that Key is a multi-step process and will take several hours, as well as seasons of in-game time. If done all at the same time, the process can be tedious. The reward for using it is a little difficult to get into as well and leaves many players wondering if it’s even worth the trouble of using it.

Getting The Skull Key

Stardew valley mine 120th level

-The 120th level

To get the Skull Key, you will need to make it to the bottom of the Mine. The Mine has a total of 120 floors you will have to go through to get to the chest. Each floor increases in difficulty and will take multiple days or even seasons to get all the way through. You will need a combination of leveled gear and high health/energy foods to make it to them bottom and past all the enemies. It is also worth checking your fortune every morning using the T.V. and going on days that the spirits are in a good mood to find stairs faster.

After you successfully obtain the Skull Key, you will need to get to the Desert to use it. To get to the Desert, you will need to get the broke down bus next to your farm up and running. To do this, you will either need to finish the Vault Bundles at the Community Center or take the Joja route and pay 40,000G. Afterwards, you will need to arrive at the bus stop between 10am and 5pm to buy a ticket to the Desert for 500G. Once there, go to the top left corner of the map and enter the cave and you will find a door with a skull on it and be able to unlock it with the Skull Key.

Skull Cave First Floor

Mummies in the first floor of Skull Cave

Making All This Skull Key Effort Worth Your Time

The Skull Cavern is a great place for mining Iridium Ore. Iridium Ore appears more and more frequently the further you go down into the cave. This can make getting helpful Iridium items for your farm much easier and even net you a good sum of money from your mineral finds on the way down. There is also a 10,000G reward if you can make it down 25 levels in the cave, which can be nice little boost to your daily profits.

If you’re planning on going into a mine, then try and buy the Lava Katana from the Hunters Guild. The enemies are pretty damage heavy in the Skull Cave and leave most players feeling defeated after they first use their key. Also, note that the Skull Cave has a never ending amount of levels unlike the mine. After you hit floor 25 for the first time, the only real incentive for going deeper is enhancing the spawn rate of Iridium Ore.