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how to get and use the crab potThe Stardew Valley Crab Pot

The fishing in Stardew Valley is one of the most controversial parts of the game. The fishing mini-game can be a nightmare, especially for console gamers using a controller. The fish are hard to keep up with and over shooting them on the meter can be way too easy. One way to lessen the burden of fishing is to use crab pots. For people wanting to complete their trophies, crab pots can help level them up fast in their fishing skill without making them play a mini game time and time again. The crab pot is also needed for completing a bundle in the Community Center.

Getting The Crab Pot

level 3 fishing

-Reaching Fishing Level 3.

To get the crab pot, you have to first reach fishing level 2. At fishing level 2, you will be able to get the pots for 1,500 each from Willy. To be able to make the pots yourself, you will have to reach level 3. To make one crab pot, you will need 40 wood and 3 iron bars. If you decide to get with the trapper perk line you get from leveling up your fishing skill then you will need less materials to make the crab pot. The Trapper Profession will only cost you 25 wood and 2 copper bars.

If you only want to purchase crab pots instead of making them, you should note that Willy’s Fish Shop closes if it rains on Saturdays. You should also note that crab pots have to be bought with bait. A crab pot will not be able to catch any fish unless it has bait in it to attract them. Bait can be purchased for only 5G at Willy’s Fish Shop. You also will need to refill the bait after each use and remember to check the crab pots daily in order to get the most use out of them.

What Can I Catch?

where to buy crab pots stardew

-Buying a crab pot

The crab pot can catch a variety of different items including crabs. It can be used in both saltwater or freshwater locations. The fresh water locations include the mountain lake and the rivers that flow through Stardew Valley. The pot has a chance to catch trash as well, but will still give you experience points towards your fishing skill if trash is caught. This can be negated if you chose the Mariner Perk after reaching fishing level 10. You can also pick the Trapper Perk at fishing level 5 and forgo having to use bait with your traps.

Lastly, these are the fish you can catch from the crab pot:


Lobster (3.4%)
Clam (12%)
Cockle (Highest catch rate 17.442% )
Oyster(Lowest catch rate 3.1744%)



The fish caught by it can all be up to a gold star tier and count towards any in game achievements for fishing. It should also be noted that all freshwater fish have an equal amount of catch rate. You can also have an unlimited number of crab pots placed around Stardew Valley.