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Community Center Crafts Room Foraging Bundles

Once you are able to read the scroll in the community center and translate the Junimo language, you will notice that – once you return to the Community Center – you can interpret the desires of the Junimos. When they said they were looking for “gifts of the valley,” they weren’t kidding!

You discover that the first room that you encounter is the Crafts Room and looks like this:


For this room, the Junimos are seeking bundles of goods that you can forage from around Pelican Town during different seasons.  Every season is represented by a bundle, as well as a bundle of goods that are used in construction that are found in other various sources. We will go through these each, so that you can better prepare for the bundles and be aware of the rewards that come along with them. Please note for each bundle, unless another specific number is given, you will only need one of each in the Seasonal Foraging Bundles.

The first bundle that you will likely earn is the Spring Bundle. The necessary components for this bundle are the naturally occurring items that you can forage during the Spring Season. This includes to following:

  • Wild Horseradish wild-horseradish
  • Daffodildaffodil
  • Leeksleek
  • Dandelionsdandelion

While you can only find the Wild Horseradish and Leeks scattered around the town or in the forest, rivers or mountainous regions, The Daffodil and Dandelion can be bought during the Flower Dance, which takes place on the 24th of Spring between 9 am and 2 pm. You will more than likely find those two flowers naturally occurring, but if you’re in a pinch and it is near the end of Spring, it’s a good thing to know. Not included in the Spring Foraging Bundle are the Green Onions, which grow South of Marnie’s House but North of the Sewer Grate. These can be sold or used for energy, whatever you need more. The reward for completing the Spring Bundle is a set the Spring Seeds, which contains 30 random seeds of spring forage items.

The next seasonal bundle is the Summer Foraging Bundle. Like the Spring Foraging Bundle, this consists of items that you will come across naturally during summer in Pelican Town. This is a smaller bundle, which includes the following:

  • Grapesgrape
  • Spice Berriesspice-berry
  • Sweet Peassweet-pea

The Grapes can also be found in the Fall but are only needed for the Summer Foraging Bundle. Additionally, if you choose the Fruit Bat option for the Farm Cave, you may also find Spice Berries there on occasion.  The reward for completing this bundle is a pack of 30 Summer seeds, which behave similarly to Spring Seeds but with the summer items.

The next bundle is Fall Seasonal Bundle.  Like the earlier bundles, this consists of items that spawn around Pelican Town randomly during the Fall Season. This consists of the following items:

  • Common Mushroomscommon-mushroom
  • Wild Plumwild-plum
  • Hazelnuthazelnut
  • Blackberriesblackberry

The common mushroom can also be found in a number of other places. It can be found in the spring as well as the fall in the Secret Woods, it can be found with regularity in the Farm Cave if you choose the Mushroom Cave Option and can also be found by tapping a Mushroom Tree with a tapper. Wild Plums and Blackberries can also be found in the Fruit Bat Farm Cave option on occasion. The reward for completing the Fall Seasonal Foraging Bundle is – as before – a pack of 30 Fall Seeds.

The Winter Seasonal Foraging Bundle is very similar to the prior seasonal bundles. This consists of items that spawn around Pelican Town and the surrounding areas during the Winter Season. This bundle consists of the following items:

  • Winter Rootwinter-root
  • Crystal Fruitcrystal-fruit
  • Snow Yamssnow-yam
  • Crocusescrocus

The Winter Bundle  can be a bit trickery, as there is often digging involved. Because nothing is growing above ground, the Snow Yams and Winter Root can only be found by tilling soil or digging at artifact spots. These are easy to spot in the winter and look like this:

The winter root and crystal fruit can be found at lower levels of the mine, appearing on Blue Slimes and Dust Sprites, respectively. The reward for the completing the winter bundle is a pack of 30 Winter seeds. Unlike other seed packs, these are interesting as they are the only seeds that can be grown outdoors during winter!

The next bundle in this pack is the Construction Bundle and is vastly different than the other bundles in the Craft Room set.  While this bundle does occur naturally, it will require you to use you Axe or Pickaxe to complete.  This consists of:

  • Two stacks of 99 Woods (198 in total) wood
  • One Stack of 99 Stonestone
  • One stack of 10 Hardwoodhardwood

You will likely be able to find enough hardwood around your farm to complete this task. However, if you have used up the hardwood around your farm upgrading components or buildings, you can also find a few logs in the secret woods that will allow the player to obtain 12 Hardwood. These logs respawn, so you can (and should!) head there daily.  In order to access the Secret Woods, you must first be able to chop the hardwood, which requires a Steel Axe. Additionally, you can find hardwood, on rare occasions in crates in the Mine.

The final bundle is the Exotic Foraging Bundle. Like the previous bundles, these can be found around, however, they are often in very specific places. Unlike other bundles, you do not need to obtain all of the below, just five of the following items:

  • Coconutcoconut
  • Cactus Fruitcactus fruit
  • Cave Carrotcave-carrot
  • Red Mushroomsred-mushroom
  • Purple Mushroomspurple mushroom
  • Maple Syrupmaple syrup
  • Oak Resinoak resin
  • Pine Tarpine tar
  • Morelmorel

Coconuts and Cactus fruit can be found plentifully throughout the year in the Desert, but if you haven’t unlocked the Bus, you do not yet have access to the Desert. Cave Carrots are easily found in the mines, most often in boxes, but can also be found in soft soil.

Maple syrup can be obtained by tapping a maple tree. It typically takes about seven to eight days for a tapped maple tree to produce maple syrup. Similarly, Oak Resin can be obtained by tapping an Oak Tree. It typically takes an oak tree six to even days to produce oak resin. Likewise, Pine Tar can be obtained by tapping a pine tree. It typically takes about 4-5 days for a pine tree to produce pine tar.

Morels, Red Mushrooms and Purple Mushrooms can all be found in the Farm Cave if you chose the Mushroom option. Red Mushrooms can also be found by tapping a Mushroom Tree, by Foraging in the Secret Woods in the Summer or Fall, or by foraging in the Mines. Purple  Mushrooms can also be  found in the Mines, and Fall Foraging on the Forest Farm Map.  The Morel can also be found by foraging in the Secret Woods in the Spring. The Reward for completing the Exotic Foraging bundles is 5 Autumns bounty, which is a good food to bring for mining expeditions, as it provides 220 Energy, 99 Health, in addition to +2 Foraging and +2 Defense.

That’s it! Have you completed the Bundles for the Crafts Room? If you have, the Bridge in the Northeastern Portion of the map, due east of the mines, is repaired.  This opens up the quarry! Each and every day, the quarry will randomly spawn a few new mining nodes that level with the player. In order to prevent new, valuable nodes from being blocked, it is suggested that the best tactic is to clear the quarry entirely daily. This bundle is one of the easier ones to complete, but by finishing each seasons’ bundles, you will rapidly open other rooms, to be able to finish the other bundles. Once completed, the Crafts Room looks like this!