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The Bulletin is a little bit of a hodgepodge grouping of bundles. There is less of a strong theme that you find in other bundles, but that is what makes it more challenging than other bundles. It will often require items that you might expect to have in other bundles, and therefore overlook them.

The Bulletin Board in the hallway on the west side of the Community Center, leading to the Vault and the Boiler Room. It will unlock after you have completed three bundles. The bulletin board is stuffed with old posts from the community of Pelican Town. It looks like this:

There are five bundles to complete here, and they’re all fairly involved and widespread. They are the Chef’s Bundle, The Dye Bundle, the Field Research Bundle, Fodder Bundle, and Enchanter’s Bundle.

Chef’s Bundle

While it doesn’t look like it, this is probably supposed to be Gus represented in this bundle. For the Chef’s Bundle, you will need six items:
• Maple Syrup
• Fiddlehead Fern
• Truffle
• Poppy
• Maki Roll
• Fried Egg

Maple Syrup can be obtained by tapping a maple tree AND was already needed in another bundle! So if you’re planning well, you should have this covered! Fiddlehead Fern can only be foraged in the Secret Woods in Summer, so if you want to complete the Community Center in one year, you should focus on opening up the Secret Woods before too much of summer passes. Truffles can only be found by Pigs, and since we covered how you need truffles to produce truffle oil for the Artisan Bundle in the Pantry, you should also have this covered! Poppies are a flower that you can grow in the summer.

A side note, Poppies, if placed near a bee hive, will produce the most valuable honey of the summer season, so it’s well worth it to keep this crop around! Maki Roll can be created by a recipe frm the Queen of the Sauce cooking show (Day 21 of the Summer of Year 1). It requires any fish, seaweed and rice. Conversely, it can be purchased from Gus at the Stardrop Saloon for 1,500g. Fried eggs are also a cooking item and only require an egg to cook.

Your reward for completing the Chef’s Bundle is a set of 3 Pink Cakes . These are a fairly good healing item, healing 250 energy and 112 health. However, it is a popular present for most citizens of Pelican Town, including the notoriously picky Haley. So unless you need it, I would recommend giving these as a gift!

The Dye Bundle

It appears that Emily is the one requesting the items for the dye bundle. Like the Chef’s Bundle, it contains 6 items, all of which are necessary:
• Red Mushrooms
• Sea Urchin
• Sunflower
• Duck Feather
• Aquamarine
• Red Cabbage
Red Mushrooms are fairly common, as we’ve discussed before. They can be found in the mine, in the Secret Wood in Summer or Fall, by tapping a Mushroom Tree, or if you chose the Mushroom option for the Farm Cave. Sea Urchins can be foraged on the beach after the beach bridge is repaired.

This bridge requires 300 wood. You should do this ASAP as those items are fairly good money in the early game. Sunflowers can be grown in the Summer or Fall. Likewise, Red Cabbage is a summer crop, however Pierre only sells them in Year 2 and afterward. In order to complete this bundle in Year 1, you will have to check the Traveling Cart and have good luck! Duck Feathers are randomly and somewhat rarely dropped by ducks. The duck must be happy to drop them, but once they’re happy, it seems to be all luck. Aquamarine drops from Aquamarine nodes in the Mine as well as boxes.

Once you’ve completed this bundle, you’ll receive a Seed Maker as a reward. You will be able to use this to replicate mature fruit into seeds. The average seems to be 2 seeds per mature fruit, though you can obtain 1-4 seeds, as well as a mixed seed if you are unlucky or an ancient seed if you are very lucky.

Field Research Bundle

It appears that Demetrius is the one who has requested the Field Research Bundle. His bundle is mercifully smaller than the others we have covered so far, only requiring four items:
• Purple Mushrooms
• Nautilus Shell
• Chub
• Frozen Geodes
Purple Mushrooms are fairly common in the Mines, as well as the Farm Cave if you chose the Mushroom Option. Also, if you chose the Forest Farm option, they can be foraged on your farm in the Fall. The Nautilus Shell can be foraged on the Beach in the Winter. It’s important to note that this is not the same as the Nautilus Fossil which is much more rare. If you’ve spent any time fishing in the mountain lake or river, you’ve likely caught a chub. They’re everywhere. Always. Frozen Geodes can be found in the “frozen” section of the Mines, from Levels 40 to 79.
The reward here is a recycling machine . This is a pretty useful tool, particularly early in the game, for making junk that you catch from fishing into useful items.

Fodder Bundle

It appears that Marnie is requesting the Fodder Bundle, it’s even smaller than the Field Research Bundle. It also might be the easiest of all the bundles, with a little bit of planning. You only need three items:
• 10 Wheat
• 10 Hay
• 3 Apples
Wheat and Hay are really easy. Wheat is a very cheap Summer and Fall Crop. Hay can be harvested from your farm once you build a Silo and cut grass with your scythe, but you will need to withdraw the hay from your hay hopper in either the Coop or the Barn. Or, you can take the easy route and buy it from Marnie (it is not expensive).

Apple trees, on the other hand, are pretty expensive. They can be purchased at Pierre’s General Store for 4,000g (or, on occasion from the Traveling Cart for 3,000g to 5,000g). They take 28 days to reach maturity and will produce one fruit per day in the fall. You can also find apples on the Traveling Cart occasionally, but they are also relatively expensive, costing 300g to 1,000g.

The reward for this bundle is a Heater that can go in either your Barn or Coop. These are good for helping keep your farm animals happy. Given that Marnie sells them for 2,000g each, getting one for free is pretty great!

The Enchanter’s Bundle

The final bundle here is the Enchanter’s Bundle. It seems that this requested by the Wizard. Most of the items here are fairly straightforward. You will need to collect all of the following:
• Oak Resin
• Wine
• Rabbit’s Foot
• Pomegranate
Oak Resin, we’ve covered earlier – no big deal! Wine is made by putting fruit in a keg. It’s a useful source of extra money, so you should have more than a few kegs on your farm! Pomegranate can be found in the Farm Cave if you chose the Fruit Bat option, or you can grow a pomegranate tree from a sapling and harvest the trees in the fall. Like Apple trees, these are costly, but last forever, so it’s has a decent ROI if purchased early in-game.

Now, let’s talk about the Rabbit’s Foot. F*** the Rabbit’s Foot. I lucked into one early, but I must stress luck. Unless you’re at the Skull Cavern, these are only dropped by Rabbits. Similar to Duck Feathers and other animal products, this relies on overall happiness and mood of the animal as well as your luck. So good luck! There is also a very rare chance that this could appear in the Traveling Cart.

If you’ve completed this bundle, you will receive 5 gold bars as a reward. If you haven’t already completed the Blacksmith’s Bundle for the Boiler Room Bundle Set, you can use one of these Gold Bars for that Bundle.
Once you complete all the bundles for the Bulletin Board, you will see that it is now repaired and much more organized!

Not only that, but you will now also be granted two extra friendship hearts with all non-romanceable citizens of Pelican Town that you have already met. If you haven’t met a person, such as Kent who arrives in Year 2, your friendship with them will be unaffected and once you meet them, you will have zero hearts. So, if you haven’t already, go say “Hi!” and meet your neighbors before you complete this bundle.