Boiler Room Mining Bundles

Community Center

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The Boiler Room bundles will become available to you after completing two bundles. The Boiler Room is in the most Western room in the Community Center. It’s pretty dilapidated and broken down when you first encounter it, looking like this:

boiler room | Stardew valley
Stardew Valley Boiler Room

Like all the other rooms, there is a general theme to this group of bundles, and that theme is mining. Every one of these bundles revolves around mining in some form or another.

Blacksmith’s Bundle

The first bundle is the Blacksmith’s Bundle. All the bundles in the Boiler Room tend to be smaller, and the Blacksmith’s bundle is no exception. You only need three items for the Blacksmith’s Bundle:

• Copper Bar
• Iron Bar
• Gold Bar

If you are active in delving into the Mines and continually exploring deeper (new elevator entrances show up every five floors), this should be a relatively easy Bundle for you to complete. It is important that you have at least one furnace crafted somewhere on your farm.

However, if you are struggling with getting deeper in the Mine, you can also use the Transmute Skill, which will allow you to turn Change 3 Copper Bars to a single Iron Bar at Mining Level 4 and 2 Iron Bars into a single Gold Bar at Mining Level 7.

So, while it would be incredibly inefficient, it’s technically possible to complete this bundle without venturing into lower levels of the cave. However, it would be difficult to complete some other Community Center bundles, so your best bet is to continue to Level up your mining and combat skills, improve your gear, bring food, and push forward!

This bundle will reward you with an additional furnace, which will definitely come in handy! As you start to delve deeper into the mines, you will get increasingly more of different types of ore. It’s very useful to have more than one furnace going at once to help process that ore into useful materials.

Geologist Bundle

While the Blacksmith’s Bundle focused on the ore that is produced in mining, this bundle focuses more on the gems that can be found in the Mine. This is the biggest bundle of the Boiler Room, but only requires four items:

• Quartz
• Earth Crystal
• Frozen Tear
• Fire Quartz

Quartz are the most readily found gem found in the Mines, available by random chance on all levels of the Mines. Earth Crystals are found on the first few levels of the Mines, available by random chance on Levels 1-39. Additionally, they can be found in geodes and can be dropped by Duggies, though they are only found on Floors 1-29. Frozen Tears are available on the next grouping of levels, found between Level 40 and 79.

They can also be found in Frozen Geodes and Dust Sprites, which are found between Levels 40-80. Fire Quartz is also found near the bottom of the Mines, between Levels 80 and 120. They will spawn by random chance on the ground, like the other Gems. They can also be obtained from Magma Geodes and Omni Geodes.

Speaking of Omni Geodes, the reward for completing this bundle is a set of 5 Omni Geodes. These are similar to other geodes but have a fairly good chance to produce valuable goods!

Adventurer’s Bundle

The Adventurer’s Bundle consists of loot that drops from monsters that are found in the Mines. While this Bundle has four possible inputs, it only requires you to donate 2 of them to the Community Center. These items:

• 99 Slimes
• 10 Bat Wings
• 1 Solar Essence
• 1 Void Essence

While you will be able to find slimes and bats in the earlier levels of the mine, it may be more of a time sink to obtain the larger numbers loot dropped for those to be completed. However, you’ve likely spent considerable time in the Mines, so it’s fairly likely you have a large stockpile of Slimes and Bat Wings.

Assuming you haven’t already traveled to the Desert and Skull Cavern, Solar Essences are found on Ghosts, Squid Kids, and Metal Heads, while Void Essences can be found on Shadow Brutes in the Mines.

The reward for completing this bundle is a Small Magnet Ring! This is a pretty cool reward, as it will increase the area around you which automatically sucks goodies into you.

Once you’ve completed all three smaller bundles, you will be treated to seeing the Boiler Room in its repaired state.

Once this system is repaired, you will be able to fast travel to these places! Very useful, especially for fast traveling to or from Mines (especially if you’re cutting it VERY close to passing out at 2 AM).